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Newman Stoves - STOVEN Kensington SE wood burning stove

Newman STOVEN Kensington SE wood burning stoveHere's what Newman Stoves say about the STOVEN Kensington SE wood burning stove:

"Separate firebox door incorporating a, very large panoramic curved glass window, so you can enjoy watching the fire burn to maximum effect from many viewing positions. An integral oven built into the lower part of the stove with separate door, enabling cooking, ideal for cosy nights in around the fire, also a great back up for cooking in emergency situations, if there is mains supply failure.

A totally unique patent pending burning system. Fire burns in a bed of skimmed aerated ash. Aeration system that creates a fine draught to the fires core which greatly improves ignition and re ignition from the glowing embers. The ability to sustain ignition on either one or two logs to keep the room up to temperature once the required temperature has been achieved.

Quick and easy ash removal. Quick release designed cool stainless steel handle to glass door, allowing the removal when the stove is in operation".


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