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Stovax Stoves, the Varde Ovne range

We stock the fantastic range of Stovax Stoves. Click on a link to view the Varde Ovne range of Stovax Stoves available from the Edinburgh Stove Centre.


Here's what Stovax say about the Varde Ovne wood burning stove range:

"Varde Ovne is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of high-efficiency wood burning stoves. With a stylish collection of freestanding models, each at the pinnacle of contemporary stove design and incorporating the latest technology, a Varde Ovne stove offers ease of use and the finest flame experience to bring comforting warmth and an inviting atmosphere. At Varde Ovne, we have a burning passion for creating beautiful stoves that epitomise the fine craftsmanship and design flair that runs throughout our Danish heritage".